America’s Clown Show

With a heavy heart I am writing on my opinion about our remaining presidential candidates. I do not feel Clinton,or Trump are fit for the job. It has looked like an ugly horrible joke that is so not funny because it’s really happening. All of my personal opinions on each  runner aside let me tell you which candidate I agree on with each of the issues then I will address where my final concerns are.


I believe family’s need to be kept together but not at the risk of the country. I believe we need stricter borders that lesson the chance of terrorists and freeloaders entering the country, we already have enough of our own. I feel with as many immigrants entering the country currently it is an endangerment to the American people and a huge strain on our economy and that people should not be allowed to enter the country until undergoing a citizenship program. I do believe however, if a man or woman has been helping the American government and therefore has put themselves and their family at risk in their country that they should be under a protection act and be able to undergo their citizenship program under the protection of American soil. They risked their lives for us and what they believe is right, I do not feel these people are a Danger.

So on immigration, I do not agree with either of them.



I do not believe in abortion. I am so pro life I am even against the death sentence. An unborn child has a beating individual heart of their very own by 18 days, they have their own brain, organs, and DNA. They are not an extension of a woman’s body, but a new life created within. It has been proven that an unborn child can feel pain at 7 weeks, yet they are pushing for later and later marks to kill these children. Think of your favorite people and then think what this world would be like without them. I feel they should create a way to temporarily tie off a woman’s tubes if she doesn’t want children, so instead of killing life she just prevents it. I also feel if we cannot abolish abortion that both of the parents sign off on it. I have known many men to mourn the death of their child because a woman seems to think that it is her baby to kill. So suicide is illegal and a woman cannot kill herself but it is legal for her to kill a separate body that is not her own that is growing inside her. That doesn’t even make sense. It is pure stupidity, the people are more concerned with saving the animals than children. This is pure Genocide.

So on abortion I again have to favor with Trump.


I am a country girl, I go to cities often and grew up in both rural and non rural environments. I feel if a person walks through any door and raises a weapon at innocent people I have the right to take that person out and keep the gentle people of this nation safe. I feel there should be a trained guard at every school who has been properly trained loaded and protecting our children. I am a very small framed person, my hunting rifle of choice is an AR15. Many people believe this is an assault rifle, I mean that is what AR stands for right? Wrong. AR stands for Armalite Rifle. please read this article to see why this is an ideal gun for the legal responsible american citizen, The Truth about the AR15. I do however as a responsible gun owner feel the no fly list puts American citizens at risk, there should be no second guesses when it comes to registering firearms. When you purchase a firearm you fill out a form saying yes you are a legal citizen, no you have not been convicted of a felony, you have not been institutionalized for a mental illness, and no you have not been convicted of any domestic violence, and then they can put a hold on that gun for a length of time even if you come up clean. Now many domestic violence victims lives have been claimed waiting for a firearm to clear. This should never happen. I would change the registration to include those who have a long rap sheet showing they have a violent nature. I do not believe these people are safe to own guns but a lot of them do because this is not a stipulation. These type of people I feel is dangerous. I would also change the system so that there is no waiting period if you pass all the criteria listed on the form and it checks out you leave with the firearm that day, if  not I’m sorry but you have done something that deems you an unsafe person. I as  a responsible American gun owner will NOT sell or trade any firearm without taking it down to the local gunshop and having it transferred legally to the next owners name, because I do not want to be held responsible for one  of my firearms ending up in the hands of a criminal. That saying, criminals will still get guns and have guns they do not follow a legal process and tightening laws on guns will only disarm the responsible American citizens.

So, yet again on this issue I have to go again with Trump although I do not believe he supports guns as much as he claims.


Foreign Policy

Ok, So on foreign policy I believe in a world working together to help each other and addressing issues and resolving them as peacefully as possible. There again, I am extremely pro-life and a true humanitarian. I believe our country needs to continue to stand firm behind Israel because I feel God would most likely slam the country in natural disasters and we would suffer en economic collapse because of it. So even if you are not a christian, humor me, just in case I’m right (which I know I am, to each their own) let’s not tempt him.


So When it comes to Foreign Policy, Bernie Sanders is my man.



So my feeling on taxes is that the low and middle class families are paying too much in and the billionaires aren’t putting enough in. Seems to be the same when it comes to small and large companies. Now in all honesty I really don’t have a problem with any of our candidates promises on this one.

So, being the businesswoman that she is I’m going with Hillary Clinton on taxes, I liked her statements the best.


Gay Marriage

I have so many mixed feelings on this. I feel the LGBT community should be treated as equals, but I also don’t feel like opening up the sanctity of marriage was the answer. I feel there should be something created that is equal to the rights of a married couple specifically for our LGBT friends, but honestly I don’t care, I’d rather them have a stable relationship like I would anyone so it’s fine. I have family that are LGBT this community has been around since Genesis. My thing is I find the bathroom issue ridiculous. Like I said, we have had the LGBT community since Genesis. What is the issue with bathrooms all of a sudden? If you have girl parts, you use the girls room if you have boy parts you use the boys room. I really don’t want urinals in my bathroom around my daughters, and I already question whether people are male or female because of dress and hairstyle, so to me its simple, boy parts boys room, girl parts, girls room. Why Should A transgender man feel like any less of a woman, or a transgender woman feel like any less than a man? A woman who has had a mastectomy still uses the girls room cause she knows that she is still a strong beautiful woman, so why is this an issue? just use the bathroom.

So, I’m going with no one here, well maybe silent Trump, he didn’t seem to have anything to say on this and Clinton is talking about bathrooms and it really creeps me out she would consider letting creepy straight perverts in around my babies.



All I’m hearing from Trump on this is blah blah blah obamacare. Seriously, yes americans need healthcare but it should not be forced on anyone. I don’t like having to have insurance, it is a waste of money. I take my kids to an orthodontist, that costs money, cash, they have payment plans and a lower cost if you can pay in full, insurance does not cover it. I like having a midwife for prenatal care, I went in to talk to our insurance company while I was pregnant, again insurance does not cover it and it was all out of pocket. My husband has not seen a Dr in 3 years and I have not seen one in 6 years. Yet I spend $600 a month for his and my insurance. Just the 3 years that it’s been for my husband we have given our insurance company $10,800. Where is it? gone. So forget that I could use to see the Dr. because I now can’t afford to go to the Dr. and pay my deductible or heaven forbid full price, because I’m too busy paying for insurance that I don’t use. Give me a healthcare that works like an account, I put $600 in it and I now have $600 to use. Which means for the past 5 years we have been on insurance and putting 600 away every month our account would have had  $36,000 in it now take away the $6,000 we actually used (When we do go to the DR. it is typically major) We would still have $30,000 in that account and growing. Kind of like a medical savings account that you can’t touch besides from depositing and finding out the balance.

So yeah, I don’t agree with forced healthcare, or just stripping away in place care plans without a carefully executed plan but I don’t agree with any of them. I’ll vote for myself here.


Economy and Jobs

This is America. our very foundation rests on building our economy up, not tearing it down. People need to understand raising pay sounds really really good until you see and understand what it does. When an employer has to pay a higher salary they are forced to raise the price of our products otherwise their business will fail. There is a very gentle balance to the system and if pay goes up so does the cost of living…

We need to create jobs, I’m still seeing jobs taken by computers, every self checkout stand replaces a checker. That’s not good people. Every fancy machine like the drink machine in mcdonalds that does all the drinks automatically for drive through those replace workers. No Actual at home job exists without having to work in a workplace first for 2 years. I know I’m a mom who needs to stay home with my kids, I have a degree in medical transcription, I might as well throw it in the trash because I CAN’T use it. No one will hire me without either two years of experience or I have to work in the hospital. I like to fold brochures and stuff envelopes if there is a legitimate real job doing that I’d do it in a heartbeat, but you know, there’s a machine for that now…

Going with Bernie, at least he has a good concept…


Civil Liberties

Freedom. Freedom to laugh, freedom to mess up, freedom to cry, be angry, move off grid and grow your own food… Wait! That last one, people have been getting arrested for that… Same with selling food they grow/raise. If I want to buy milk I should be able to buy it from whomever I choose, not whomever the government has determined “safe”. Quit trying to save us from ourselves. What I’m seeing is people walking on our flag NOT being arrested but people selling milk from their cows to people who desperately want it for a good reasonable price being arrested. This is backwards and wrong, and where I would love to say arrest anyone disrespecting the flag I cannot and WILL not because that would be a breech of freedom. Our Soldiers are fighting to keep this freedom and we need our freedom. Freedom to marry who we choose, freedom to not do the ceremony for someone we do not choose that’s another people are being arrested for. Freedom to use the bathroom of our choice without someone saying well there’s a policy for that, uh, it was already there. Freedom, I don’t think we understand the word;

1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. the power to determine action without restraint.
4. political or national independence.
5. personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery:

a slave who bought his freedom.
6. exemption from the presence of anything specified (usually followed byfrom):

freedom from fear.
7. the absence of or release from ties, obligations, etc.
8. ease or facility of movement or action:

to enjoy the freedom of living in the country.
9. frankness of manner or speech.
10.general exemption or immunity:

freedom from taxation.
11. the absence of ceremony or reserve.
12. a liberty taken.
13. a particular immunity or privilege enjoyed, as by a city or corporation:

freedom to levy taxes.
14. civil liberty, as opposed to subjection to an arbitrary or despotic government.
15. the right to enjoy all the privileges or special rights of citizenship,membership, etc., in a community or the like.
16. the right to frequent, enjoy, or use at will:

to have the freedom of a friend’s library.
17. Philosophy. the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without; autonomy; self-determination.
Do you understand it yet? you have the freedom to be racist and sexist and speak your mind and be as nasty as you want. That doesn’t make it right but you have that right. You also have the freedom to not be harassed by such racist people. Again it is about balance, we are all different and we need to stop illegalizing freedoms because someone’s ears hurt. I have been hurt by so many things that people have said and am very very often at least once  a week most typically Every other day, but I suck it up remind myself that is their opinion and they are entitled to it and even though they don’t agree with my lifestyle I still have the freedom to live how I see fit not how they want me to. Although all of our candidates are  trying to take some sort of freedom away, and our dear President seems to be stripping us of those freedoms very often. You cry it’s for the good of the country! I cry you can’t force manners on people with no discipline. We have the freedom to be ourselves and as bad as you think that is, it is a very very good thing.

I don’t likely agree with any of our candidates here, Going with myself.

Crime and Safety

Very serious Issue but right now I’m laughing because when I read the issues I have to say Everyone is good on what they are saying. Ahh, our very own Politician hypocrites. Man I wish they could practice what they preach…  Crime is rampant, I watched a surveillance video of a man grabbing a child and a struggle between him and the mother over the girl, I see people disrespecting law enforcement and making them very uncomfortable and nervous because they are “exercising” their right .  You have rights, but your rights are not supposed to be over anyone else’s rights. I totally agree with Hillary Clinton that we should have police body cameras and dash cameras. There’s a job to be created, someone who can watch the live video and call for help for either the officer or the civilian in case of trouble.

Honestly though, I’ll go with any candidate here, but I really liked Hillary Clinton’s response to this best.


Homeschool Adventure 2016

So we have a plan:

Oakes Children School Supplies 2016-2017 school year

Math : Math-u-see

/⃣    Alpha Universal set $153 We now have the teacher key test booklet and DVD

/⃣    Beta Level up set $85

X⃣    Gamma Level up set $85

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⃣    Epsilon Universal set $130

/⃣    Zeta level up set $108

⃣    Pre-Algebra level up base set $90

Shipping is free

Original Total: $736.00  Adjusted total: $611.80

English: Abeka

⃣    Language 1 new addition $17.50

⃣    Language 1 Teacher Key new addition $24.50

⃣   Language 2 $17.50

X⃣    Language 2 Teacher key $24.50

⃣   Language A $17.75

⃣X   Language A answer key $23.10

⃣   Language A quiz and test book $5.75

⃣   Language A quiz and test book key $11.00

⃣x   Grammar and Composition 1 $19.30

x⃣   Grammar and Composition 1 teacher key $27

⃣   Grammar and Composition 1 quiz and test book $6.75

⃣   Grammar and Composition 1 quiz and test key $10.75

Shipping is Free
Original Total: $205.40  Adjusted total: $205.40

Writing/Penmanship: A reason for handwriting, Patriotic Penmanship , Writing Prompts

⃣    Reason for Handwriting A student workbook $13.95

⃣   Reason for Handwriting B student workbook $13.95

⃣   Reason for Handwriting D student workbook $13.95

⃣X   730 Writing prompts grades 1-3 $7-$10

⃣   730 Writing prompts grades 4-6 $8-$13.50

⃣   Patriotic Penmanship Grade Jr high (7-8) $12.55

Shipping free at Rainbow Resources on orders over $50

Original Total: $77.90 Adjusted total: $67.90

Critical Thinking: The critical thinking company

⃣   Mind Benders book 2 $9.99

⃣   Mind Benders book 3 $10.99

⃣   Mind Benders book 5 $10.99

⃣   Dr. DooRiddles B2 $9.99

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⃣   Think a Grams A1 $10.99

Standard Shipping $11.50

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Science: Apologia (will be buying more of this set later)

⃣   Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day $26.95

⃣   Zoology 1 Junior Notebooking Journal $19.95

⃣   Zoology 1 Notebook journal $19.95

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History: Mystery of History (will be buying more of this set later)

⃣   Mystery of History Vol. 1 Creation-Resurrection $36.95

 Mystery of History Volume 1 Reproducibles on CD (1st Edition / 2nd Edition) $17.95

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Reading: Rod and Staff (Right now everything is 5% off listed price)

⃣   Grade 1 Reader unit 1 $5.80

   Grade 1 Reader unit 2,3 $10.45

  Grade 1 Reader unit 4,5 $12.40

X⃣   Grade 2 Reader units 1-3 $13.50

X⃣   Grade 2 Reader units 4-5 $12.65

X⃣   Grade 3 Reader Units 1-3 $15.15

⃣x   Grade 3 Reader 3 Units 4-5 $13.50

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⃣   Grade 9 Reader $14.25

Standard shipping is $3.85 + 7% of your order total ($15.80)

Original Total: $186.45    Adjusted Total:$77.32

Text book protection Materials: Walmart

⃣0    2” White view binders for text books X 12 $5.88ea

⃣0    1” White view binders for text books X12 $21.88 for 12

⃣0    5” White view Binder for History text book $22.24

⃣0    200pk page protectors X21 $17.99ea

Original Total: $492.47    Adjusted Total: $492.47


Overall Total: $1894.41   Adjusted total:$906.09


This is a lot for our family to come up with before september, especially with having to get the first step in braces for a kiddo come July. A friend suggested I set up a go fund me account, so for anyone interested in helping us out with our schooling goals, here it is. A little bit goes a long way and we are thankful for every penny. If you have any of these materials and are getting rid of them please let me know, Things don’t have to be brand new just useable for the next 20 years lol. Anything with a ⊠ we have either purchased or received, will check things off as we get them.    ⃣0 boxes will increase in number ( 1 ⃣2 ) as we get them. totals of each group will be adjusted every time something is purchased or shows up. Our Pay day is On may 13 and you will see things starting to get checked off the list starting the following monday until Our list has been completed. 🙂

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